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A Little Bit About JoJo's Family Puppies

JoJo’s Family Puppies is a small family owned business located in Plymouth Ohio. Jolene, along with her husband, adopted two Mini Dachshunds girls soon after they were married. Their puppy family grew from there and now we have been breeding for over two years. Jolene’s Dad is also a professional dog breeder for over 15 years!! Together we provide registered Mini Dachshunds, Toy Poodles and a few Toy Poodle mixes for our customers.

JoJo's Family Puppies

JoJo's Family Puppies

My family has been breeding for 20 years and my husband and I for 2 years.

Yes, all our puppies are vet checked at 6-8 weeks of age.

Yes, we ship with puppy shipping services, ground and airline available.

Yes, Each puppy has their vaccinations and dewormer.

Yes, Each puppy is microchipped and its number is provided for you.

We have food and water with them 24-7 so they can eat whenever they are hungry.

No, they are normally with their mom up till 6 weeks old, then weaned then they are adopted in a few weeks. When you receive your puppy it’ll still be young enough to be easily trainable.

We get the puppies started on Nutri Source Puppy Starter, then Pro Pac Puppy, our dogs are on Pro Pac Adult.

Some of JoJo's Recent Puppies

JoJo's Family Puppies

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